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Local Rides

Saturday Morning 7:00 AM Ride
For the early risers who need to be home before noon, try the Saturday 7:00 AM ride. This ride leaves from Rt. 410 (East West Highway) and Beach Drive (near Candy Cane City) every Saturday morning at 7:10 am. The ride meanders to the Massachusetts Avenue hill from Goldsboro, then pace-lines out to the Old Anglers Inn hill (on MacArthur), and down into Great Falls Park and back out. Thereafter some riders retrace their path down MacArthur making a left turn for the ascent up Brickyard Road, while other riders head down Falls Road. The ride regroups at Brickyard Road and Falls Road. There's one final push coming in on Democracy Boulevard before the ride heads back to East West Highway and Beach Drive. This ride ends when riders get back to East West Highway and Beach Drive. Often some riders veer off in Potomac Village and go out to Poolesville or Sugarloaf, making for a 60+ mile ride (the regular loop is about 40 miles). As with all rides, the rules for this ride are respect for fellow riders, motorists, and pedestrians, and observing all traffic signs.
Approximate Distance/Time: 40 miles/2.5 hours. Ride goes year round.
Sunday Morning 10:00 AM Ride
On Sundays a mixed group of riders meets at the gate on Beach Drive and Broad Branch Road (just north of Peirce Mill on Beach Drive). Ride heads north though Rock Creek Park, out Tuckerman Lane, to Glen and beyond to Seneca. Pace in the park is mellow, picking up substantially at Tuckerman. The group tends to go hard over hills on Glen and beyond. Some riders cut the ride short, turning around at Travilah.
Approximate Distance/Time: 40-50 miles/2.5-3 hours. Ride goes year round.
Hains Point Daily
On Mondays through Fridays between 12:05 to 1:00, you can find riders from DC Velo and many other local teams doing laps at Hains Point. The ride goes all year round. Pace is from easy spinning to Zone 5 when the big boys show up. Expect lots of rotating pace-line work. During the winter months, you'll see fixed gear and track bikes. Directions: Hains Point is in East Potomac Park near the Tidal Basin in the District. There is parking by the tennis courts and along the road bordering the Washington Channel, but most folks just ride their bikes to the ride start. Ride departs from the gate by the entrance to the golf course on the Washington Channel side promptly at 12:05.