The Migration of Worms

    The Migration of Worms

    While in Park City, Utah, DC Velo riders Josh Frick and Mark Sommers rode up into the glorious mountains on a fine Spring day.  Summiting the climb at 8000 ft., Josh and Mark took a selfie to mark the occasion.


    It was only then that they noticed the rear calipers of their bikes were literally clogged with hundreds of worms.  A rolling worm genocide of sorts.


    Turns out that all the small sticks on the road through the aspen and conifer forest were worms.  It got so bad that the worms were jamming brakes, derailleurs, chain stays.  Josh and Mark report that they had to stop and remove them by the fistful and that as they rode they could literally hear them grinding up into worm meal.


    So, you ask, why are there billions of worms at 8000 ft?  There can be but one answer:  the worms have foreseen a major rise in sea levels from global warming and are migrating for higher ground.  You heard it here first.