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2019 DCCX - Saturday Is Not Sunday

DCCX is, along with Charm City CX, among the premiere events in the Mid-Atlantic Race Region, both with UCI designation, drawing some of the finest elite, amatuer and masters racers from around the coutry.

The weather between the two days of this event (October 19/20), like Cain and Abel or Jekyll and Hyde or Pelosi and Trump could not have been more different.  Saturday dawned cool, clear, sunny, dry, dusty, breezy and what non-mudders would describe as a perfect race day.  Sunday turned a buck eighty in the direction of rain, chill and mud, layered on top of more mud and slop and what had been dust and hardpack the day before.  True crossers were elevated, hearts fluttering; poser, road racers were home under the covers.

The DCVelo Youth Movement continued on its blazing trajectory begun in earnest earlier in the summer.   Alex Kasch, Luca Scuriatti and Christopher Hardee, Jr. contested the U19 UCI race on both Saturday and Sunday with Luca making the podium in the 5th spot on Saturday and taking 6th on Sunday.

the Golden Helmet award certainly has to go to Asher Tilghman, who at 15 years of age, lapped all competitors in the 2/3 field on Saturday and did the same on Sunday, although 2 others rode along through the field with him on his 2nd day of DC Domination.

In the advancing years categories, Marchionini rolled to a solid 6th in the 40+ on Saturday in an all-star field; Chris Hardee Sr. was 13th in Saturday's 50+; Marco Scuriatti finished 8th in Sunday's 50+ mud bowl and Baremore and Jiron powered to 1st and 2nd in the 50+ on Saturday - oops, that should read 21st and 22nd in the 50+ on Saturday.  

All results can be found here.

photo credits: Chris Hardee Sr., Marco Scuriatti, Joseph Baremore

Saturday - dry, cool, fast, right?

Sunday - look closely, notice any differences in conditions?

2019 DCCX - Saturday Is Not Sunday

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