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Greg Wood Is Going To Kona

DC Velo's own Greg Wood has qualified for the 2018 Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii by finishing second in his age group at Ironman Maryland and making a qualifying time of 9 hours 46 minutes 43 seconds.

Absolutely fantastic result, Greg!  Congratulations.

Here's Greg's write-up:

As I stood on the ballroom stage during the awards ceremony and the lei was placed over my head, the words “you’re going to Kona!” rang from the loudspeakers. I could hardly believe that less than a year ago I began training for my first Ironman event and now I had qualified for the 2018 World Championships. It seemed like a dream.

Preparing for a triathlon, especially an Ironman-distance triathlon, was unlike anything I had done before in my many years with Team Beyer Auto. Of course success is always built on preparation and performance, but an Ironman requires that it all come together across three disciplines over 9 hours of racing on a single day. I hadn't arrived at the finish line alone; I was there because of the encouragement of my teammates, as well as support from all the Team Beyer Auto sponsors---especially Conte's Bikes. And, most importantly I was there because of the indulgence of my family.

It still seems like a dream, but I really am going to Kona. Aloha!

Greg Wood Is Going To Kona

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