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Brew And MacKeith Golden At Bunny Hop

DJ Brew had a big day.  Before the 35's race he put on his shiny new Eliel skinsuit, managed to hit the deck mid-race (thankfully, low impact), tore up the skinsuit, got up, got back in the race and slayed all in the bunch sprint.  Take that!  

Skinsuits we can replace but million dollar smiles from a Bunny Hop "W's" are priceless!  

Nick Taylor took an impressive 3rd step on the podium for the day.

In the 3-4 race, rising star Iain MacKeith stayed on his impressive form for the 2019 campaign, with a win in the 3-4 race.  

Rumor has it that MacKeith finished the race, dashed home, re-kitted in a tux and was out for a happy evening of high school prom fun.  Race report on dance moves is optional, but a pretty good day, overall.

All results for the day are here.

Photo Credits: Drake "1000 cc" Jordan

Brew And MacKeith Golden At Bunny Hop

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